Published: January 15, 2024

The Posthumanist Turn in the Interdisciplinary Research Field of Childhood Studies – Response to the Environmental Problems of Modern Times

9-26 Małgorzata Kowalik-Olubińska

Care – A Map of Contemporary Discussions and Pedagogical Challenges

27-46 Lucyna Kopciewicz, Klaudia Ferenc

'I don’t fit this intercultural profile. I am kind of different.' a Critical Reflection on the Possible Effect of Cultural Attribution Bias in Intercultural Competence Assessment Materials Design

47-64 Barbara Muszyńska, Stephan-Alexander Ditze

Intercultural Learning in the Experience of Polish Teachers after the Outbreak of the War in Ukraine, 2022


Teacher Education System as a Barrier to Changes in Education: Analysis of Teachers’ Statements

89-113 Bartosz Atroszko

The Idol or the Lantern: The Problem of Authority in Two Pieces of The Analogs

115-131 Oskar Szwabowski, Dominika Gruntkowska

‘Stand up if you love football!' Methods of Creating Dynamics and Pace of Gameplay in Animated Television Series for Children Focused on Football

133-158 Jan Stasieńko, Andrzej Ostrowski