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The journal INSTED: Interdisciplinary Studies in Education & Society (Teraźniejszość - Człowiek - Edukacja) offers a place for multi-field thinking about education, both in terms of theory and practiceThe principal task of the journal consists in animating dialogue between academics working in social sciences and humanities, particularly ones dealing with philosophy of education and scrutinising educational processes and institutions from different disciplinary perspectives and theoretical orientations. 


Vol. 25 No. 2(94) (2023): INSTED: Interdisciplinary Studies in Education & Society

Published: January 15, 2024

The Posthumanist Turn in the Interdisciplinary Research Field of Childhood Studies – Response to the Environmental Problems of Modern Times

9-26 Małgorzata Kowalik-Olubińska

Care – A Map of Contemporary Discussions and Pedagogical Challenges

27-46 Lucyna Kopciewicz, Klaudia Ferenc

'I don’t fit this intercultural profile. I am kind of different.' a Critical Reflection on the Possible Effect of Cultural Attribution Bias in Intercultural Competence Assessment Materials Design

47-64 Barbara Muszyńska, Stephan-Alexander Ditze

Intercultural Learning in the Experience of Polish Teachers after the Outbreak of the War in Ukraine, 2022


Teacher Education System as a Barrier to Changes in Education: Analysis of Teachers’ Statements

89-113 Bartosz Atroszko

The Idol or the Lantern: The Problem of Authority in Two Pieces of The Analogs

115-131 Oskar Szwabowski, Dominika Gruntkowska

‘Stand up if you love football!' Methods of Creating Dynamics and Pace of Gameplay in Animated Television Series for Children Focused on Football

133-158 Jan Stasieńko, Andrzej Ostrowski
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